Wrath Of Tezca – Best NFT Game

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Wrath Of Tezca – Best NFT Game

Wrath of Tezca is a wax based blockchain game which has been in development for over 4 years. The game was initially planned for standard release via steam, but after playing blockchain games for themselves the decision was made to pivot the game and adapt it for NFT’s, hence the incredible progress already in place. Players use their troops via worker placement to choose options ranging from passive missions, resource gathering, or active turn-based tactics combat on a 3d map, all of which generate resources which can be sold on secondary markets or used to directly craft new NFT’s from a crafting pool.

Our richly detailed world takes heavy inspiration from Mesoamerican cultures with an orcish twist, pitting your tribe against the invading humans attempting to claim your lands, and wealth, for themselves.

Wrath of Tezca is an aztec inspired fantasy NFT game on the wax blockchain. The game has been in development for 4 years and was initially planned for standard release via steam. After playing blockchain games for themselves the decision was made to pivot the game and adapt it for NFT’s, hence the incredible progress already in place. Equip your soldiers and send them off on instant missions to earn resources, allowing you to craft more NFT’s to bolster your army or sell for real profits. Save for upgrades to enhance your squad’s performance on missions, and in 2022, send your squads on active 3d combat missions to fight in turn based tactics combat on procedurally generated maps against AI opponents.

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Wrath Of Tezca – Best NFT Game

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