WarQube – Best Play To Earn Game

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WarQube – Best Play To Earn Game

Game mechanics are based on the Isometric Shooter model, with additional elements of MOBA and Tower Defense. The key feature of WarQube is the mix of all elements, which collectively leads to a relatively new genre – Hero Defense.

The main mode of WarQube is PvE, and it will be supplemented with new game elements, bonus missions and new mechanics. Also, PvP and Raid modes will be constantly improved.

Game Modes:

PVE – PvE mode is a protection of the human base from enemy races seeking the knowledge stored in the Сube. A team of players protect the base against the waves of enemies attacks. There are turrets around the base that automatically open fire on the enemy. The enemy can destroy the turrets. If the Cube is destroyed, the session ends in defeat. Victory is achieved if the team beats the final wave of enemies.

PvP – PvP mode is a confrontation between different corporations of the human race who want to be the sole owners of the knowledge of an ancient civilization. The task of both teams is to protect their own base and destroy the enemy’s base.

The team consists of 4 players; the base is equipped with protective turrets. There are defense lines on the map, and military drones of both teams move on each of them, with the task to destroy the enemy’s base.

The center of the map is for a 1v1 battle to gain supremacy in the power struggle.

In addition to the two opposing sides, there are concentrations of hostile races camped in neutral positions on the map. Destroying these camps allows the parties to gain a slight advantage in battle in the form of additional combat experience, allowing the heroes to become stronger.

Raid – Raid mode is a sortie by a group of 4 players. The main task is to clear a particular location from enemies and get a reward in a special NFT for winning the battle with the final boss. As they proceed, players will face various obstacles in the form of diverse enemies and traps.

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WarQube – Best Play To Earn Game

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