Rivermen- Best Play To Earn Game

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Rivermen- Best Play To Earn Game

Rivermen is a kind of Avatar NFT produced by Ponlaii Design Studio and sold in the form of 3D models. The total supply is 10,000. Unlike traditional PFP NFTs, Rivermen are rigged models with randomly generated appearances.

Rivermen is inspired by the Chinese famous painting Along the River During the Qingming Festival, which captures the daily life of people and the landscape of the capital, Bianjing during the Northern Song Dynasty. Successive scenes reveal the lifestyle of all levels of the society from rich to poor as well as different economic activities in rural areas and the city, offering glimpses of period clothing and architecture.

The whole scroll may seem large and jumbled, while it was clearly divided into three parts, from the suburb, Bian River to the downtown. In the five-meter-long scroll, there are a large number of different kinds of people and livestock such as cattle, mules, and donkeys. Carts, sedan chairs, boats, houses, bridges, towers, and so on have their characteristics, reflecting the features of the architecture of the Song Dynasty. Where there are people, there are stories.

There are more than 800 people in the whole picture, and each person has their own job. The people in the picture have nearly hundreds of occupations.

Rivermen is created by Ponlaii Design based on the Along the River During the Qingming Festival. 202 people with different occupations are selected out of the 800 people in the picture and were made into 10,000 NFTs called Pawns. Each Pawn features one of these 202 occupations.

Since the Song Dynasty, Along the River During the Qingming Festival have been adapted and copied through all dynasties. The Rivermen is the Web3.0 version of this famous painting, combining blockchain tech and traditional Chinese culture. Each pawn is unique and exquisite.

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Rivermen- Best Play To Earn Game

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“Play-to-earn juegos” is a reference to “play-to-earn games” in Spanish-speaking countries where “juegos” means “games.” These are video games that implement a play-to-earn model, allowing players to earn rewards in the form of digital assets, cryptocurrencies, or tokens by participating in gameplay.

Play-to-earn games have gained traction globally and are not exclusive to any specific country. However, the term “juegos” is predominantly used in Spanish-speaking regions, including countries like Spain, Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, and many others across Latin America and parts of Europe.

The concept of play-to-earn is resonating with gamers and game developers worldwide. It is often seen in blockchain-based games, where the integration of blockchain technology allows for the creation, ownership, and trade of in-game assets that have real-world value. Players can earn rewards for their time, achievements, and activities in these games, changing the gaming experience from a leisure activity to a potential source of income. For the ultimate and best play to earn games list, check our friends of playtoearngames.com.